FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any questions not answered here, please get in touch for a free, 1-on-1 consultation.

Is ED1000 Therapy covered by OHIP or medical insurance?

ED1000 Therapy is not covered under OHIP or routine medical insurance plans. However, a few extended and discretionary health plans may provide coverage. These type of benefits are quite rare. Please check your policy if you are uncertain.

How many sessions will I require?

According to Medispec’s extensive research, the typical treatment protocol calls for 12 sessions (generally, twice a week). However, in our experience, approximately 30% of clients do quite well after 6 sessions. Read more on scheduling options

Would I be a good candidate?

After a detailed review of your completed Suitability Questionnaire, your expected level of success will be discussed with you at your consultation appointment.

Do you charge for the consultation appointment?

No. The consultation is absolutely free.

Is ED1000 Therapy provided discreetly?

We are considerate of the dignity and privacy of every client. Treatments are conducted in a private room, with only the technician present.

Is ED1000 Therapy painful?

Since ED1000 Therapy employs a focal wave of lower intensity, generally speaking the treatment is pain free and never requires the use of numbing gels, as required by some other devices. Occasionally, a few clients report a slight tingling sensation which is mild, transient and temporary and disappears as soon as the treatment session ends.

Is ED1000 Therapy safe? Are there side-effects?

ED1000 Therapy is completely safe. It is non-invasive and no medications are required. There are no reported side-effects during, immediately following, or post-treatment using the ED1000 device. This claim is supported by clinical data world-wide. There is the chance of small petechiae formation (similar to a bruise after a small pinch on the skin), but this occurrence is extremely rare and to date, ED Free technicians have not encountered this possible side effect. It should be noted that there is no required down-time and those undergoing ED1000 Therapy are able to return to their daily routines immediately following each treatment session.

Is success guaranteed?

As with other therapies, treatment outcomes are not wholly predictable due to a variety of factors and cannot be guaranteed.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Contact us today to receive your Suitability Questionnaire. Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we’ll be in touch to schedule your no-fee consultation.

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