Peyronie's Disease

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

ED Free Clinics provides services to treat Peyronie’s Disease, also known as PD. PD is the curvature or deformity of the penis during an erection. Curvature occurs due to plaque build-up in the penile caverns.  While the exact cause remains unknown, research suggests that there could be a few factors including trauma to the penis. In addition, symptoms to watch out for include changes in the appearance of the penis, painful erectile function and difficulty with sexual performance.

While PD does not interfere with sexual activity, it’s not something that should be ignored. Through the use of Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (Li-ESWT), cases of PD can be partially or fully resolved. To learn more if you’re a good candidate for our Peyronie treatment, contact us today.

Searching for a Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Clinic?

It’s estimated that 10% of men experience symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease, and a high proportion of these men may not know the name of the condition they’re observing. Furthermore, many gentlemen may not know that treatment is available for this condition. With five locations in the GTA, ED Free Clinics offer shockwave therapy to help improve men experiencing symptoms of ED or Peyronie’s Disease. We have locations in Hamilton, Mississauga, Whitby, Barrie and Waterloo. If you’re searching for a Peyronie’s Disease treatment clinic near you, check out our contact page for our location details. Rest assured that your entire treatment process will be kept confidential and handled with respect and professional care.

Treatments for Peyronie’s Disease

The inability to perform sexually can have an impact on your self-esteem and romantic relationships. Our goal is to help improve your symptoms of PD through our treatment process. Firstly, during your free initial consultation, we’ll sit down to learn more about your situation and develop a personalized plan. Afterwards, we’ll determine if shockwave therapy is the best solution for you.  This therapy works by using the patented Medispec ED1000 shockwave therapy device. Our suggested treatment schedule includes 6 sessions for Peyronie’s Disease. To learn more, contact our clinic today by calling 647 390-6332. You can also contact us by filling out our online form!

Understanding Shockwave Therapy for Peyronie’s Disease

ED Free Clinics offer a non-invasive, non-pharma treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease. This therapy includes the use of shockwaves to target tissue and plaque causing PD. Using an applicator head, shockwave therapy works by applying low-intensity shock waves to the penis. Treatment with the Medispec ED1000 produces the largest focal zones in the industry. The purpose of this is to increase blood flow in the targeted area. This treatment is a painless and efficient way to treat ED and PD.

About ED Free Clinics

Our goal is to help you become free of ED or PD through shockwave therapy. Our efforts work to improve your ability to get an erection and also maintain it. Through our non-invasive technology, namely our ED1000 shockwave therapy, we’re committed to helping improve your sexual performance to help you feel more confident again. We believe that our shockwave therapy can be the best treatment for ED and PD for the right situation, and we’re proud to have performed over 2000 treatments. If you have questions about our services, visit our FAQ page. We have five locations across Ontario including Whitby and Hamilton. Contact ED Free Clinics today!

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