Impotence Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Clinic Offers 5 Locations Across Southern Ontario

Are you looking for the best treatment for erectile dysfunction? ED Free Clinics is a premier choice for erectile dysfunction therapy. We have five locations in southern Ontario, we offer shock wave therapy treatment (also known as acoustic therapy) using the ED1000 treatment shockwave therapy device. While there is no best cure, Shockwave Therapy for ED is the best ED treatment for many men looking for impotence treatment options. While most medicines deliver enhanced performance for an hour or two, in clinical tests on Acoustic Therapy Shock Wave Therapy for ED, most men report a long-term improvement in sexual performance after treatment. Patients in recent clinical studies reported a high rate of satisfaction for more than two years after treatment – without reliance on medications like Viagra or Cialis. Searching for an erectile dysfunction doctor near you? Contact us today.

Understanding your Impotence Treatment Options

We understand the effect that erection inability or impotence can have on your personal and romantic life. We offer a complimentary consultation to get started, learn more about your symptoms, and the stage that you’re experiencing. Some symptoms include the inability to maintain and get an erection. If blood flow in that specific area is limited, symptoms can develop. As a result, we use the leading ED1000 acoustic therapy treatment for ED to deliver results and banish the symptoms of impotence.

Shockwave Therapy or Acoustic Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

While there is no best cure for ED for every person, shockwave therapy is the leading ED treatment. This method is low-intensity and works to initiate tissue repair and cell reproduction. The treatment is pain-free, drug-free and 100% natural. When you undergo this treatment method, here’s what you can expect: an experienced therapy provider will use a device targeted around different areas of the penis as it gently emits shockwaves. The hand-held probe helps focus the shockwave energy at a depth, diameter, and setting optimal for treatment. Results maximize when energy is focused on one area. Ultimately, the main objection is to improve blood flow in the penis. Based on your completed questionnaire, our team will develop a customized plan for you. Contact us to get started today!

Treatment for Peyronie Disease

Peyronie’s Disease is another category that we use shock wave therapy to treat. Similar to the treatment of erectile dysfunction, we also use the ED1000 shockwave therapy device to treat PD. Those experiencing symptoms of this disease might notice a curvature in their penis. This symptom is due to plaque build-up in the penis. During sessions, an acoustic wave applicator is placed on the penis specifically targeting the areas that have plaque. The shocks cause the plaque to break down, allowing the body to absorb this tissue. In addition, the waves increase blood flow which helps with the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the area.

If you’re experiencing signs of PD, it’s common to feel frustrated, and many admit their self-esteem is affected. However, treatment is available! The top candidates include those who have a less than a 2-year history of signs on PD. If you believe you’re a good fit for this treatment, get in touch with us  today.

The Best ED Treatment for many patients

ED Free Clinics offers the best treatment for ED through acoustic therapy / shockwave therapy . Backed by a team of professionals, we’re committed to helping alleviate your ED symptoms and improve erection. We’re proud to offer 5 locations across southern Ontario including Hamilton and Mississauga. In addition to not being required to take any type of medication, our clients are happy that this treatment is non-invasive. As a result, this form of treatment is a top option for many individuals.

A common question we receive is “is it safe?”. Our answer: the ED 1000 treatment is very safe. In addition, there are no side effects reported during any stage of treatment. There is also no post-treatment downtime required. After your free consultation, you’ll fill out our suitability questionnaire. Completing the form will allow our team to identify if you’re an ideal candidate for treatment and create a plan moving forward.  If you have any questions about our services, head to our FAQ page.

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