why Medispec ED1000 Treatment?

How the Medispec ED1000 produces more powerful shockwaves

The Difference is Power

How does the Medispec ED1000, a true shockwave generating system, surpass other devices for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease?

The answer can be distilled into one word – power. The ED1000 delivers a powerful surge of energy which optimizes your body’s regenerative capabilities.


ED1000 Shockwaves

A True Shockwave is Supersonic

First off, you may be wondering – what exactly is a true shockwave generating system? To explain, let’s start by looking at what is meant by a true shockwave. If we plot it on paper, a true shockwave looks like the figure above – with pressure on the y axis and time on the x axis.

From the above graph you can see a large spike (positive pressure or P+) which is followed by a gradual and longer-lasting period of negative pressure (P-). Basically, a shockwave consists of a dominant pressure pulse which jumps sharply to reach its maximum positive pressure at P+. The rise to this maximum pressure takes place in nanoseconds. Notice the steep climb of the high-pressure pulse and the short rise time. The high mechanical tension and pressure found at the shock front of a shockwave is what distinguishes it from other kinds of sound waves. A shockwave travels faster than the speed of sound, a speed which increases as the pressure rises. This is a speed only a true shockwave can achieve.

Medispec ED1000 treatment shockwave

How Shockwaves Repair Tissue

Shockwaves exert stress on tissues by using two physical mechanisms – one is direct, the generation of mechanical forces causing the stretching of tissue, or tissue strain. The other mechanism is indirect – cavitation. More specifically, it is believed (Sturtevant -1996) that the indirect effect is the pressurization caused by cavitation bubble collapse.

Basically, cavitation involves a process where microscopic gas bubbles build up rapidly in a fluid, expanding and then collapsing while being affected by rapid pressure changes. The collapse or implosion of these cavitation bubbles creates powerful high-speed micro-jets of liquid that cause high local stress resulting in cellular micro-damage to the area being treated, forcing the body to repair and rejuvenate vasculature.

Patented & Uniquely More Powerful

Let’s refer quickly to the graph at the top of the page. Notice the negative pressure dip (P-). Cavitation bubbles are generated by this negative pressure. It’s not that the cavitation phenomenon is not generated by other types of waves, produced by other devices. They are – it’s just that other types of waves produce much weaker negative pressures (cavitation) than the true shockwaves generated electro-hydraulically by Medispec’s patented technology. The result of a weaker negative pressure (at P-) of other devices, results in smaller cavitation bubbles which generate less powerful micro-jets as they collapse. This results in significantly reduced cavitation action, producing lower therapeutic effects when compared to the shockwaves generated by the ED1000.

Therefore, both the higher and lower pressure pulses of Medispec’s patented true shockwave generating system are uniquely more powerful and are the gold-standard of the industry. Both these stronger high (P+) and low (P-) pressure pulses combined are what cause tissue and cellular micro-damage, causing your body to respond. It kick-starts your body to heal.

Medispec ED1000 - Superior Theraputic Results

A simple summary to put this all in context:

In the early 2000’s, Medispec’s team of scientists figured out how to increase pressure delivery and to decrease wave intensity with a patented reflector design (using not one but three points of reflection) combined with an electro-hydraulic source of power.

As a result, compared to other devices, Medispec’s true shockwave generating technology produces more powerful direct pressure (P+) at much lower intensities (therefore no pain), and much more powerful indirect pressure (P-), producing superior therapeutic results by optimally leveraging your body’s natural repair mechanisms.

We only use the Medispec ED1000

If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of ED or PD, and the surgical and chemical treatment options are not optimal for you, consider ED1000 treatment. It can be a safe and effective treatment option with no pain or drugs. 

Medispec ED1000