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On a mission

We get great satisfaction from our work. Because we’re guys too.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease or Erectile Dysfunction, our mission is to help you get back to normal. Our focus is on delivering a personalized, drug-free approach to treat the root cause and maximize your chances of success.

We deliver our therapies using only the Medispec ED1000 shockwave therapy device, which is the most studied and most effective device currently available in Canada. The ED1000 was engineered specifically for treatment of Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Dysfunction, with robust clinical trial data and 5+ years treating tens of thousands of patients in over 80 countries and territories worldwide.

pride in our work

We take pride in what we’re able to achieve for our clients, which is a result of a highly-personalized focus on each client’s particular situation. We value the trust clients place in us and promise to treat each client with the utmost dignity and respect. Given the highly-confidential nature of our business, we have taken numerous steps to ensure the security and confidentiality of our clients’ personal information.

Lastly, we believe that our drug-free approach is a healthier and safer alternative to traditional medications for Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease, and other invasive therapies (such as injections, pumps, and surgical implants).

ED Free Clinics

Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie’s Disease (PD) occurs in roughly 10% of men. The condition manifests as curvature, dimpling, or constriction of the penis. Although the exact causal factors remain unknown, medical literature indicates that an injury to the penis may be a contributor, leading to a build-up of scar tissue, which leads to plaque formations in the penile caverns and in the tissues surrounding the penile caverns.

We’re well-experienced in treating Peyronie’s Disease with shockwave therapy. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a very common problem. 20% of men in their 20’s will experience ED, 30% in their 30’s, 40% in their 40’s, and so on. 

We take a comprehensive, 1-on-1, totally personalized approach to go over your medical history, and lifestyle to determine any root causes, and to ultimately determine if you’ll be a good candidate for shockwave therapy. 

If we proceed with shockwave therapy, we’ll only use the well-studied Medispec ED1000 device. 

Free Consultations

All of our consultations are free of charge. Here we’ll thoroughly go over your symptoms, lifestyle, and medical history with you to determine any root causes and if you could be a candidate for shockwave therapy.


We’ll follow up with you after shockwave therapy or to see how you’re doing. Our goal is to get you back to normal and this is how we know we’re succeeding in our mission. 

Peyronie's Disease & Erectile Dysfunction Specialists Since 2015

Our Track Record

Our first client was treated in 2015. Since then, we’ve expanded to 5 locations to better serve the needs of our clients across Southern Ontario.

The careful assessment of our clients’ suitability, as well as the fine-tuning of our approach over the years allows us to claim a +90% success rate which we feel is the best in the industry.

We will also give potential clients advice and suggestions on how to improve their suitability for treatments in the future.

meet our Visionary Founder

Dr. George Foty

The Face Behind ED Free’s Success

Dr George Foty

Founder of ED Free Clinics

In 2010, Dr. George Foty had decided it was a good time to take a short pause from the profession that was his life since 1980. Then, one day by coincidence, he ran into an old acquaintance who was working with a group of ED1000 technology devotees looking to expand their network of two Canadian clinics. Interestingly, that same fateful day, it also emerged that regulations in Canada did not require someone to have a background in urology to become engaged in the field, as shockwaves are extracorporeal and not invasive.

After diving into the fascinating science of shockwaves, the technology, and how it worked, Dr. George emerged as an ED1000 super-fan. Furthermore, with this opportunity he could make use of the skills he had honed over the years, like recruiting, training, and managing health service clinics, and it was also complementary to his interest in science and non-drug solutions. His deep interest in the field steadily evolved into a unique expertise as a result of the knowledge he accumulated after treating each new client. Imagine – a former dentist.

That was 2015 – and since that time Dr. George has set up five locations offering ED1000 Therapy and nothing else, currently making him Canada’s largest provider of this technology. “There’s a lot to love about the technology” he says. However, since shockwave therapy doesn’t work for everyone, an important part of what he does is offer an opinion to would-be clients as to their chances of a successful outcome. Accurate predictions are not only a source of personal fulfillment, but they also make good business sense. Getting it right means earning a client’s trust and there’s a good chance the client will return in years to come. ED1000 Therapy, after all, is long-lasting but not forever lasting.

Erectile Dysfunction Specialist

Meet the creators of the ED1000


We owe a lot of our success to the Medispec team. They are the creators of the highly-praised Medispec ED1000 – the only true shockwave therapy device to be specifically engineered for ED and PD. 

To learn more about the creators of the ED1000 visit