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Shockwave Therapy for Peyronie's Disease & Erectile Dysfunction

We only use the Medispec ED1000

Shockwave Therapy for Peyronie's Disease & Erectile Dysfunction

We take a 1-on-1, personalized approach for each individual


Shockwave therapy for Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie’s Disease (PD) occurs in roughly 10% of men. The condition manifests as curvature, dimpling, or constriction of the penis. Although the exact causal factors remain unknown, medical literature indicates that an injury to the penis may be a contributor, leading to a build-up of scar tissue, which leads to plaque formations in the penile caverns.We’re well-experienced in treating Peyronie’s Disease with shockwave therapy.


Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a very common problem. 20% of men in their 20’s will experience ED, 30% in their 30’s, 40% in their 40’s, and so on.We take a comprehensive, 1-on-1, totally personalized approach to go over your medical history, and lifestyle to determine any root causes, and to ultimately determine if you’ll be a good candidate for shockwave therapy.If we proceed with shockwave therapy, we’ll only use the well-studied Medispec ED1000 device.

Erectile Dysfunction Clinic Locations

Free Consultations

All of our consultations are usually done in person at one of our clinic locations and are free of charge. Here we’ll thoroughly go over your symptoms, lifestyle, and medical history with you to determine any root causes and if you could be a candidate for shockwave therapy.



We’ll follow up with you after shockwave therapy or to see how you’re doing. Our goal is to get you back to normal and this is how we know we’re succeeding in our mission.

Am I A Candidate for Shockwave Therapy?

Here’s How We Determine This

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First Contact

Initial Inquiry

We’re happy to chat about what you’re experiencing and learn more about your specific situation. When you first contact us, we’ll begin a preliminary discussion with you as we look to understand the issues you are experiencing and determine how we can help.

Step 1

Suitability Questionnaire

If we believe we can help, we’ll ask you to fill out a secure Suitability Questionnaire so that we can better understand the issues and potential root causes.

Our secure Suitability Questionnaire will allow us to further understand your individual situation and help us to create a personalized plan for you moving forward.

Step 2

Free Consultation

All of our consultations are offered at no fee to you and are conducted directly with our experienced therapy provider. Our consultations are usually done in-person at one of our 5 Ontario locations.

At this stage, we are in a good place to make one of several recommendations, which may include proceeding with shockwave therapy, or first making any suggested changes to maximize your chances of response to this technology. If we determine that shockwave therapy is an optimal solution for you, we offer shockwave therapy for the following purposes:

Step 3

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

All of our shockwave therapies are conducted using the Medispec ED1000 shockwave therapy device. All therapies, consultations, and Suitability Questionnaire reviews are conducted by our experienced therapy provider. We suggest 12 therapy sessions over 9 weeks at 2 sessions per week. Follow the link below to see alternative scheduling options:

Our Page on Shockwave Therapy for ED >

Shockwave Therapy for Peyronie’s Disease

If you’re experiencing symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease and shockwave therapy is determined to be the optimal solution for you, we’ll conduct our therapies using the Medispec ED1000 – the same device we use to treat Erectile Dysfunction, but with an altered protocol.

Our Page on Shockwave Therapy for PD >

Step 4


As part of any of the above therapies, it’s our practice to follow up with you at approximately 6 weeks after therapy. This follow-up is done to gauge success and offer any additional advice or information based on your individual situation.

Shockwave Therapy for Peyronie's Disease & Erectile Dysfunction
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