COVID-19 Info

COVID-19 Safety Procedures


This is our COVID-19 information page. The intent here is to inform you of the protocols and policies that have been put in place for your safety and protection.

As before, we remain an ultra-private shockwave therapy provider and only one client is seen at any given time. Session times are purposely structured to allow for disinfecting measures and to minimize incidental contact between clients.
When you notify us that you would like to commence therapies, we will reach back to you by phone to schedule an appointment that suits your schedule. At this time you will be asked some screening questions regarding symptoms and travel history related to COVID-19. If none of the questions apply to your situation, your appointment will be booked.

When you arrive for your appointment, please wait outside or in your car until you are informed either by phone, by text or in-person that the doors to the facility have been unlocked and we are ready for you.

There will be a COVID screening form and consent form for you to read and sign before your session. Both will be sent to you prior to your scheduled session. If any of the statements on the COVID screening form apply to you, you will need to be re-booked for another time.
Upon your arrival your temperature will be taken using a non-contact digital monitor. If you have a fever you will need to be re-booked for another time.

You will be asked to sanitize your hands as soon as you enter the clinic with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Physical Distancing

In the pre-COVID era, partners and spouses were always welcome to accompany clients to in-person consultations. This option has now resumed but in a way that allows adequate space for physical distancing. (Virtual consultations will continue to be offered instead of an in-person consult, if clients so choose.)

Extra Safety Measures

A mask and face shield is worn by the technician throughout your therapy session.

A barrier will be in place between your upper body and the technician during therapy.

More time has been added between client visits to ensure effective cleaning and disinfection of rooms and equipment with appropriate agents.

Another COVID-19 wave?

Please consider the possibility that should another wave occur, provincial authorities may re-impose previous measures to close non-essential businesses. If so, an incomplete course of therapies may have to be terminated, resulting in a postponement of sessions. This may lead to sub-optimal outcomes, depending on how many sessions were completed. Note: Fees for uncompleted sessions will be reimbursed if a lock-down situation recurs.