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All about Peyronie's disease

What Is peyronie's Disease?

Peyronie’s Disease (commonly referred to as PD) is a condition involving curvature, dimpling, or constriction of the penis, and occurs in roughly 10% of men. To learn more about the condition and how we can help, please read on.

Peyronies Disease

La Peyronie

The term Peyronie’s Disease is derived from the surname of French physician Francois Gigot de La Peyronie. La Peyronie was the first to make careful observations and detailed clinical descriptions of the condition. And in 1743, La Peyronie was the first to publish work on the subject of penile deformities and bring attention to this medical issue. 

For this reason, La Peyronie is widely credited with having recognized the abnormality, although arguably it had been observed much earlier as notations and short descriptions compatible with this issue are known to have been made centuries before. Nonetheless, because La Peyronie’s publication served to establish the existence of the complication, his name is attributed to it.

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Peyronie's Disease Treatment Options

Although La Peyronie could describe this occurrence, he could neither explain the cause, the mechanisms involved, nor find an effective treatment. Fast forward to today and the total picture of the causes and mechanisms involved are still not perfectly clear.

However, an effective treatment is available – ED1000 Therapy – which uses a distinctive shockwave therapy applicator-head which can be applied to treat PD.

Although surgical correction is still recognized as a common method for Peyronie’s Disease treatment, shockwave therapy is also recognized as offering an important advantage and a very attractive feature over surgical intervention – it is non-invasive.

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Shockwave Therapy for PD

As is often the case in science and medicine – understanding follows success. The rationale for why shockwave therapy for PD works hasn’t been completely established yet. Although they’re beginning to narrow down the main contributors to its efficacy, they haven’t entirely unraveled the way shockwave therapy works in this situation.

While clinical outcomes of shockwave therapy for PD have varied, clinical research has shown shockwave therapy can be effective in decreasing the pain associated with PD. Clinical studies have also shown that early treatment with shockwave therapy can result in an improvement of both penile deformities and plaque size and can also have a protective effect on progression of further deformities.

Suggested Peyronie's Disease Treatment Protocol
  • As few as 6 visits once per week
  • Most gents will require 9 – 12 visits
  • As few as 3 treatment sites (500 shocks per site)
  • Multiple injuries will require more treatment sites

We're Peyronie's Disease Treatment Specialists

If you’ve been diagnosed as suffering from Peyronie’s Disease, and the surgical and chemical treatment options are not optimal for you, consider ED1000 treatment. It can be a safe and effective treatment option. Even though there’s still more to learn about Peyronie’s, we’ve certainly come a long way since La Peyronie’s observations many years ago.

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