ED Free Clinics offers shockwave therapy using the ED1000 by Medispec – an ED treatment clinically proven to be an excellent, viable solution for many men experiencing symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. Ultimately, though, it may not be the best treatment for every patient. At ED Free Clinics, an important part of our job is to assess your personal situation to determine the best ED treatment for you.

What are the Other ED Treatment Options?

Depending on your situation, you may have considered – or already tried – other ED treatments. There are a number of available treatment options, each with different benefits and risks. You should consult your doctor before proceeding with drugs or other ED treatments.

Oral ED Medications (PDE5 inhibitor drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn)

Taking these medications will not automatically produce an erection. The origins of an erection is a stimulus to the brain, which begins the erectile process. ED medications only act on keeping the blood vessels dilated (open) thus maintaining an erection once it is achieved.

They work by keeping the smooth muscles around each blood vessel relaxed, thus keeping the blood in the penile caverns, once stimulus from the brain has activated certain cells (endothelial cells) to produce nitric oxide (NO). If this stimulus is blocked or altered (by medications, rec drugs, alcohol as some examples) or weak or no stimulus sent from the brain to these cells (psychological, accustomization to porn or using one’s own fantasy as a stimulus over time, low to no stimulus from a partner as examples). This is why these medications do not work with some gents, or their effect diminishes over time.

BE AWARE: Each different medication varies in its side effects, and how long they work. Side effects can include nasal congestion, flushing of the skin, headaches, backaches, changes to your vision and stomach upset. They may not work for everyone, and maybe less effective or even harmful if you have certain conditions like heart disease or diabetes.

ED Pumps

Penis pumps are tubes with a hand-powered or battery-powered pump. You place the tube over your penis, then employ the pump to create a vacuum that increases blood flow to your penis causing you to get an erection. You then place a band around the base of your penis to keep it firm.

BE AWARE: Possible side effects include bruising; ejaculation will be restricted by the band, and your penis may feel cold to the touch. If you choose this treatment method, be sure to look for a model made by a reputable manufacturer. 

CAUTION: never fall asleep with the ring still in position – this may cause blood to clot in the penile caverns leading to serious injury resulting in penile deformations (Peyronie’s Disease). If you choose this treatment method, be sure to look for a model made by a reputable manufacturer.

ED Injections & Suppositories (Alprostadil, Phentolamine, Caverject, Edex, Muse)

Some medications can be directly injected into the penis to produce an erection. The erection begins quickly (usually within 10 minutes), and lasts between 30 – 60 minutes. Different medications can either be injected directly into the base or side of your penis, or you can use a special applicator to place a tiny suppository inside your penile urethra.

BE AWARE: Side effects of the injection can include minor bleeding at the injection site, prolonged erection or formation of fibrous tissue (scarring) at the erection site. Side effects of the suppository can include a burning feeling, minor bleeding, or fibrous tissue forming inside your penis.

Penile Implants

With this ED treatment, penile implants – either inflatable or bendable rods – are surgically placed on both sides of the penis, allowing you to control the onset and duration of your erection.

BE AWARE: Although penile implants have a high degree of satisfaction with users, they are typically only recommended after more conservative therapies have failed. As with any surgery, there’s a risk of infection or other complications.

Should you consider Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction?

Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that uses low-intensity sound waves to reduce or eliminate plaque and fibrotic tissue in both blood vessels and the penile tissues, smooth muscles around new blood vessels (increased vascular flexibility) and production of new cells (endothelial cells) to increase nitric oxide (NO) production essential for the erectile process. All these factors result in a vast improvement of the blood flow to the penis. Recommended treatment is 6 – 12 sessions over 3– 9 weeks, with many of those treated reporting long-term positive effects (mostly age and lifestyle related).

Studies to date have found the procedure has a high success rate and is painless for most men, with no side effects. While treatments like medicine, injections, and pumps function over the short term, Shockwave Therapy can help rehabilitate your normal function and even cure the issue long term, allowing you to regain the ability for spontaneous sexual activity without the need for medicine or devices.

One of the Best ED Treatments: Diet and Exercise!

In most cases, simply moving more – getting out and exercising  – can assist in improving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Studies are showing that exercise, especially moderate to vigorous aerobic activity, can have a positive impact on ED.

If you’re not up to a cross-country run, even less strenuous, regular exercise, like walking just a little every day, could help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Remember – there is no one best ED treatment to fit every person and every situation. Before deciding how to treat your erectile dysfunction, you should consult with your doctor and carefully consider the benefits and side effects of each option.

For more information on the use of Shockwave Therapy to treat erectile dysfunction, contact ED Free Clinics today.

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